CBD oil is becoming more and more popular thanks to its availability and perceived benefits. It’s become so widespread that there are even coffee shops around the country that offer CBD oil as an addon next to your extra shot of espresso or syrup of choice. However, if you’ve been taking CBD oil for a while and have yet to experience anything, then you might be wondering if it’s working at all or if you’re doing something wrong.

Unfortunately, it can be difficult to gauge just how long it takes for the effects of CBD oil to kick in. This is because every person’s physical condition is different and it can vary greatly between each individual. The way the CBD oil is consumed can also cause differences, such as whether it’s used in edibles or taken in a capsule form.

So in this article, we’re going to take a look at how long it takes for CBD oil to start working and what you can do to affect that time.

How much time does it take until you can feel the effects of CBD oil?

The time it takes and also the effects you feel can vary from person to person based on their body and how tolerant to CBD they are. Some people may take CBD oil for days before noticing any positive effects, while others might find that it helps within 20 minutes of taking it.

An important factor that helps to determine how quickly you’ll feel CBD oil is in the way it enters your system. If you eat food which uses CBD oil as an ingredient, or if you take a CBD oil capsule, then you’ll typically expect to wait up to 2 hours before you can feel any of its effects. On the other hand, vaping will introduce the effects in a few minutes but generally tends to decline much more quickly because it quickly leaves your system. Additionally, if you have used other products in the past that also contain CBD (such as regular cannabis) then you might find that the effects of CBD oil are weak or don’t last as long due to your tolerance to it.

In short, it’s difficult to tell exactly how long it will take for CBD oil to take effect and it’s often hard to even tell if you’re experiencing any positive benefits. However, we can say that it will take anywhere between 20 minutes or 2 – 3 hours depending on how it’s consumed and how tolerant you are of CBD-based products.

How long do the effects of CBD oil last?

The length of time that CBD oil lasts is greatly depending on the dosage and your tolerance. The way the CBD oil is administered can also affect the duration of its effects. Stronger doses can easily last several hours and those that take daily doses to manage pain find that they need to consume CBD oil once in the morning and once in the evening to get consistent benefits.

By vaping or administering CBD sublingually with a dropper, the effects of CBD are felt much faster due to how quickly it’s absorbed into the bloodstream. The effects are more potent, but they typically don’t last as long because they’re not slowly introduced to your system over a longer period of time.

How long does it take for CBD oil to work for pain?

Studies have shown that CBD can be effective for pain. There is substantial evidence that CBD can be an effective treatment for chronic pain and depending on how it is administered, can be effective in just 20 minutes when taken sublingually. However, the effect can be felt within minutes if vaping, but the effects will not last as long.

How long does it take for CBD oil to work for anxiety?

According to a study published in Neuropsychopharmacology in 2011, CBD has been shown to help alleviate social anxiety and reports that it could be a potential treatment for anxiety-related disorders. Much like taking CBD oil for pain, it takes roughly 20 minutes to feel the effects if taken sublingually with a dropper. Vaping can introduce the effects faster, but edibles tend to have the longest-lasting effects due to the CBD being slowly introduced to your bloodstream through your digestive system.

How long does it take for CBD edibles to kick in?

Ingested CBD through edibles, capsule and drinks take longer to kick in because they slowly release into your system as they are digested. The CBD oil is processed by the liver and makes its way through your bloodstream, giving you a more powerful effect that lasts longer but also takes longer to work. It’s estimated that your digestive system will take around 2 hours before it starts to release the CBD into your bloodstream and the effect can last anywhere between 6 to 8 hours.

What should I do if I’m not feeling any of the effects?

There are many misunderstandings that could lead to someone taking CBD oil the wrong way or simply not understanding the effects to expect from using it. So here are a couple of the main issues that you might be facing.

1. Do you understand what CBD really does for you?

The first thing to consider is learning what CBD oil really does. CBD oil doesn’t cause a high because unlike regular cannabis, it doesn’t contain the THC compound which is responsible for the high. CBD also doesn’t give you additional effects but aims to reduce existing symptoms such as pain or helping you fall asleep. In other words, you should think of CBD oil as helping you feel less, not more.

2. CBD has to build up in your system to feel the effects

One of the reasons why CBD oil might not work for you us because you’re not picking the right dosage to acclimate your body to the compound. The right dosage should help you sustain a level of CBD in your body to stimulate your endocannabinoid system, and a micro-dosing technique can help you find your personal recommended dosage. If this is the case, try upping to a higher strength CBD.

3. It’s important not to overdo it or else you’ll build up a tolerance

On the other hand, taking too much can result in developing a tolerance which lowers the potency and lasting effects. The same rules apply to CBD oil which is why it’s important not to overdo it. This article from Leafly explains why low-dose CBD is important and how the laws of diminishing returns do also apply to CBD oil. This means that simply taking more because you’re not feeling the effects will be detrimental as you’ll slowly develop a tolerance that lowers its potency.

4. Change the way you take CBD oil

There are many ways to take CBD oil such as in the form of edibles, sublingually with droppers or even via vaping. Each of these methods has its own advantages and it’s important to understand each one. Vaping, for example, tends to introduce the effects of CBD within a few minutes, so it’s a great way to “test” if CBD oil can provide you with any benefits. On the other hand, CBD edibles tend to take hours to start affecting your body because they must be digested and processed by your liver before they can be introduced to your bloodstream.

As you can see, there are many different factors that will affect the length of time it takes for CBD oil to start working. There are also different considerations to keep in mind, such as understanding the intended effects of CBD oil and understanding the many different ways to take it.