We’re delighted to let you know that fourfivecbd have teamed up with us to begin selling their range of oils, rubs, capsules and topicals on the Nature Creations store.

Available now, you can find their products throughout the store and them all collected together here.

Nature Creations, now selling fourfivecbd!

Why fourfivecbd?

First thing first though, let us introduce fourfivecbd and more particularly, Dom Day and George Kruis.

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Not only are they rugby legends – but they also have a great story of two professional athletes looking for a safe, natural alternative for recovery. 

After repeated injury and the surgeries that occurred throughout their careers, Dom and George explored natural and sustainable ways to manage their symptoms and attain those marginal gains to achieve success in competition.

While managing the symptoms caused by a long and bruising career, Dom opted to take CBD as an alternative medicine during his recovery. 

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This journey led them to the creation of fourfivecbd.

Dom and George didn’t want to be like many other CBD brands or simply endorse a product line. On their journey they had encountered first hand many substandard products flooding the UK market and have made it their mission to launch an accountable, responsible CBD company with full transparency around extraction and manufacturing.

The result is a range of the finest CBD products, created to especially support active people.

You’d be right in assuming all products come with 3rd party lab reports, a 0 % THC guarantee and are manufactured to the highest possible standards.

Here at Nature Creations, our goal is to create the best CBD store out there and to be the default choice when it comes to purchasing CBD.

One way we do that is by carefully vetting suppliers and only selecting the best of the best.

Starting a partnership with fourfivecbd was an obvious step for us towards achieving that goal.