CBD Muscle Balms are becoming an increasingly common sight in bags and cupboards across the country. These balms, often referred to as rubs, can be used for various purposes, including soreness, joint pain, and inflammation.

Of course, CBD is the star ingredient in these balms and can provide various benefits, including reduced inflammation by interacting with receptors in the skin. However, these balms rarely include just CBD, and many brands include other natural ingredients to complement the CBD content.

Indeed, how effective your choice of CBD muscle balm depends entirely on what is contained within. Below is a list of popular additions to CBD that you should consider when buying your next jar of CBD muscle balm.

Best CBD Balm Ingredients


Camphor is a terpene (natural plant extract) that was initially extracted from the bark of the camphor tree. However, most camphor used nowadays is synthetic, though this doesn’t mean that it is any less effective.

Camphor is becoming a popular addition to CBD balms due to its suitability for various skin complaints. This versatile ingredient can relieve common problems such as local pain, skin irritation, and itching.

One of the best things about camphor is its antispasmodic properties, making it a fantastic ingredient for muscle and joint pain. You can alleviate common muscle complaints such as cramps and stiffness by simply using a camphor CBD balm a few times a day.

Furthermore, camphor CBD balms and gels are very easily absorbed and are suitable for sensitive skin when used in moderation. However, we recommend not to use camphor on broken skin as it can cause discomfort like most other topical ingredients.


eucalyptus on marble

Eucalyptus oil is a natural extract derived from the eucalyptus tree – a plant native to Australia. Eucalyptus has long been used in various ways besides as a topical. Aromatherapy is an everyday use for eucalyptus and a popular treatment for coughs and colds.

Eucalyptus is just as helpful when blended into a topical product such as a CBD balm, rub, or gel. Research shows that this soothing extract is thought to be effective at easing joint pain brought on by exertion and conditions such as arthritis. This makes eucalyptus CBD balms beneficial for active individuals and regular joint pain sufferers.

Eucalyptus is also suitable for application to broken skin and can even help prevent infection and promote healing. If you plan on using eucalyptus on broken skin, though, do check the other ingredients to ensure it is safe to do so.

Argan Oil

argan oil

Argan oil is a vitamin-rich extract from the kernels of the argan tree. The applications of argan are widespread, and you’ll see it in a variety of products, including cosmetics, hair products, supplements, and, of course, CBD balms.

The reason for argan’s incredible versatility is its high content of vitamins. Argan oil is a fantastic source of vitamin E and omega six, which support the skin. In addition, studies show that argan is also an anti-inflammatory and moisturiser which helps to soothe targeted areas more comprehensively.

Lavender oil

lavendar oil

Lavender oil is particularly prized for its delightful scent, seeing extensive use in aromatherapy. However, lavender oil is much more than just a pretty scent and provides a few critical benefits for CBD balms.

Lavender oil has impressive anti-inflammatory properties, making it superb for use on tired, overworked joints. When used alongside CBD and other extracts, this can provide a subtle, soothing effect on targeted areas.

The aroma itself is also not to be underestimated. When applying a lavender oil-infused balm, the natural floral scent also has calming effects. This also makes it ideal for use on the go; the smell certainly won’t offend any passers-by.



There is no better ingredient for CBD muscle balms that provide a cooling sensation than peppermint. Peppermint contains a natural compound called menthol, which gives mint its unique ‘anaesthetic’ quality.

When peppermint balm is applied, it causes an instant cooling sensation which is brilliant for relieving sore muscles. Research has shown this can also help reduce chronic itching, something that may be brought on by chafing or rubbing during exercise.

What to Look out for when Buying CBD Balm

There is a fantastic variety of CBD muscle balms available to buy online. While this choice is welcome, it can lead to some confusion when making sure you get the right product. We recommend following these simple steps:

  • Check the ingredients. Make sure the balm you’re getting has the right ingredients for the purpose. For example, camphor for cramped muscles or peppermint to ease soreness.
  • Check the CBD content. Make sure you’re buying something that actually contains a suitable level of CBD, we recommend at least 250MG for every 50ml.
  • Make sure you’re buying a reputable brand/website. Buying from a well-known brand and vendor will ensure you are getting a safe product that passes MHRA requirements.
  • Check THC content. A THC content that is too high could mean your CBD balm isn’t safe. Larger brands, such as Vitality CBD, make lab reports available to view online so you can see the exact content of your product.