Hempura CBD has grown to become one of the most popular brands in the UK. They produce a range of products from vape oil, to edibles, to skincare. In this Hempura CBD review, we’re going to talk a bit about the brand and a few items from their latest range. If you’re new to CBD, we’ll also discuss the benefits of using these all-natural products. 

About Hempura CBD

Hempura is famous for its popular full and broad-spectrum oils and infuses a wide range of products. They start from a low 250mg per 100ml to 1000mg, the top strength. While being rich in natural cannabinoids and terpenes, they’re also virtually THC-free, meaning they won’t cause psychoactive effects

Hempura’s mission is to help people through natural organic alternatives and to provide the purest and best CBD products on the market.

Sustainability is at the core of Hempura’s business, and they deliver all products in attractive recycled packaging. All their CBD products are approved by the Vegan Society and 100% traceable from seed to sale. Each batch also bears a unique code and supporting lab report, so customers can rest assured they know what they’re getting. Here is a Hempura CBD review of a few examples of their quality products.

Hempura Full Spectrum CBD Capsules

hempura capsules

Capsules are one of the more convenient ways to take CBD. You can even take them out and about as it’s a much easier way to ingest CBD. 

These Hempura capsules are also more or less flavourless, making them ideal for those who aren’t fans of the taste of CBD oil. The fine hemp powder is just as effective as CBD oil products, however. High-quality hemp can help to reduce stress levels and improve sleep. For an easy way to get your daily CBD dose, the Hempura Full Spectrum Capsules are not only convenient but good value for money.

Hempura Full Spectrum CBD Oil

hempura full spectrum cbd oil

Hempura Full Spectrum CBD Oil is available in three strengths: 250mg, 500mg, 1000mg. It comes in convenient 10ml bottles with droppers to manage the dosage. Each bottle contains approximately 200 drops. The oil is derived from full spectrum original extract using only organically grown British hemp. This means it’s a high-quality oil and rich in cannabinoids and terpenes but with zero CBD isolate. It contains low percentages of THC, so it is unlikely to cause psychoactive effects. Instead, it encourages a feeling of relaxation and calm

You can choose the level of strength that suits your needs. The mess-free dropper also makes it easy to measure your dose, and you can take it anytime, anywhere. The bottle is compact and portable so that you can use your CBD discreetly. Being a full-spectrum product, you can rest assured you’re getting quality. The entire plant is used, and it contains a variety of active compounds for a long-lasting effect

For those looking for high-quality CBD oil in a range of strengths, the Hempura Full Spectrum CBD Oil is a great choice.

Hempura Broad Spectrum CBD Oil

hempura broad spectrum cbd oil 1

Hempura Broad Section CBD Oil comes in three strengths: 250mg, 500mg, and 1000mg. It’s a refined extract made from cannabis Sativa hemp and seed oil. Broad range CBD contains various compounds and cannabinoids, but it’s got a near-zero percentage of THC. It’s similar to the full-spectrum CBD oil, only that it doesn’t contain all the compounds from the cannabis plant. It does, however, contain a variety of compounds that work together for a more potent “entourage effect”. With only trace amounts of THC, it still won’t produce any psychoactive effects.

CBD oil is a very convenient choice. The bottle is small and has a mess-free dropper, so you can administer drops under your tongue even while on the go. By infusing the CDB with a carrier oil, it’s more easily absorbed into your bloodstream. This quality broad-spectrum oil, therefore, works quickly but with long-lasting results. You can choose the level of strength according to your personal preferences. 

Hempura CBD White Chocolates

hempura cbd chocolate capsules 500

This 20 x 25mg Hempura CBD White Chocolates box is a delicious alternative for those who would rather not take oil. The chocolates are available in three strengths: 250mg, 500mg, and 1000mg. They are made from broad-spectrum refined CBD extract and are rich in cannabinoids and terpenes. They contain a mix of compounds from the cannabis Sativa plant but almost zero THC, so they are unlikely to produce psychoactive effects.

As well as being packed with 100% natural cannabinoids, the chocolates are also blended with natural cocoa butter and white chocolate flavouring. 

They can be taken in a similar way to CBD oil by melting them under the tongue, but the taste is enhanced with white chocolate.

You can choose from a variety of strengths, and the chocolates can be consumed whole or halved. They’re ideal for anyone new to taking CBD or who isn’t a fan of the taste. You can start by taking half a chocolate per day and then later increasing the strength if necessary.

Hempura CBD Cannabis Skin Cream

hempura cbd cannabis skin cream 250mg front

Along with oils and edibles, Hempura also produces luxury topical CBD cannabis skin cream. It’s available in two strengths: 250mg and 500mg. CBD skin cream is clinically proven to repair, restore, and soothe skin. 

It’s also rich in natural antioxidants. It’s produced using organically grown hemp and contains 100% natural cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and phytonutrients without artificial colours or flavours. This means it can do wonders for the well-being of your skin. 

CBD skincare can offer many benefits. It’s anti-ageing, anti-oxidant, and anti-inflammatory. It helps to soothe the skin and reduce the signs of irritation. 

This makes it ideal for those with sensitive skin or for treating a range of common conditions. It reduces inflammation and boosts nutrients. CBD skin cream also has moisturising properties that help to combat dehydration and dryness. Hempura CBD Cannabis Skin Cream is a luxury product and makes a great gift. It has the normalising and calming effect on your skin that CBD oil has on your body.

Hempura Broad Spectrum Vape Oil

hempura broad spectrum vape oil 500

Hempura Broad Spectrum Vape Oil contains a complex blend of compounds from the cannabis Sativa plant and is rich in cannabinoids and terpenes but with low THC. It has a citrus terpene profile giving it a fresh yet subtle aroma. You can also combine the vape oil with other flavours.

It contains all-natural ingredients and zero additives or artificial flavours. It’s available in two strengths: 25mg and 500mg, and there are approximately 200 drops per bottle. Hempura Broad Spectrum Vape Oil is also great value for money.

Vaping is a convenient and effective way to use CBD. It allows it to enter your bloodstream quickly, and it’s mess-free. You can vape in public spaces so you can use your CBD on the go. It’s also a pleasant experience, and you can enjoy the sweet aroma of the terpene blend. 

Vaping is the most efficient method for taking CBD. It has a high absorption rate, and the effects can last for one to three hours. If you’re vaping, the Hempura Broad Spectrum Vape Oil is an excellent place to start. You can choose the strength according to your needs, and it’s perfect for mixing with other oils, so you can find the combination you prefer.

Benefits of CBD oil

There are several health benefits of CBD oil. When ingested, it can be recommended as a pain reliever. CBD impacts endocannabinoid receptor activity, interacting with neurotransmitters which can help to reduce inflammation.

CBD oil is also used to treat depression and anxiety due to its stress-relieving qualities. It has a natural relaxing effect without producing psychoactive results. Often people take CBD for sleeping, and it can help with insomnia.

CBD skincare also has many benefits. It’s anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory, meaning it has a soothing effect on sensitive skin, reduces redness and irritation, and can be used to treat common ailments. It’s all moisturising. You can use CBD topical creams anywhere on the body. They’re also said to reduce sebum production, which can cause oily skin and acne. CBD oil also soothing benefits when applied to the skin.

To get the most from CBD oil, it’s essential to go with quality.

Brands such as Hempura CBD manufacture all products in ISO facilities complying with strict quality control measures and CBD industry regulations. Hempura CBD also uses state-of-the-art technology and careful growing processes to ensure high, consistent quality for all cannabidiol products. 

This is why it’s one of the most popular CBD brands in the UK.